Friday, November 6, 2015

Update on the Alpine Lawsuit

Dear Parents and Staff:

Over the past year, I have communicated with you regularly regarding the Alpine lawsuit and its impact in blocking 11 of 14 bond-related school improvement projects on campuses throughout the Grossmont Union High School District. 

Today, I am writing to update you with information regarding the recent series of decisions and rulings related to the lawsuit filed against our school district by a small group of Alpine residents.
This week, after reviewing the evidence, Superior Court Judge Joel Pressman issued his final ruling in the case, dismissing the lawsuit and canceling all scheduled court dates, including a December trial date.

On the heels of that decision was an opinion entered by the Court of Appeals on GUHSD’s appeal to the Superior Court’s earlier granting of a preliminary injunction (which forced us to set aside $42 million).  The preliminary injunction would have remained in place pending the outcome of the permanent injunction trial in December, unless the matter was overturned on appeal or the final matter was decided or dismissed.

On Wednesday, we received word that Judge Pressman had vacated his final ruling in light of the Fourth District Court of Appeal’s decision.  Judge Pressman indicated he will set a hearing to reconsider his ruling.  He has requested that both parties appear in court today at 1:45 p.m. for a Status Conference and to set dates for the new hearing.

We remain optimistic that after further consideration of the evidence, the court will come to the same conclusion as issued in the final ruling and ultimately dismiss this matter. We will update you as this matter unfolds.

Superintendent Ralf Swenson