Friday, October 3, 2014

GUHSD Delivers Seamless Connection between School and Home

A Chromebook Pixel computer (credit: Getty Images)
GUHSD continues to improve and increase its use of technology throughout the District for both instruction and operational management. Ongoing efforts have resulted in significantly increased student access to technology through the use of Chromebooks and the suite of Google tools. In addition, the district has significantly increased internet access, provided teachers with updated computers and given guidance in making the best use of these new tools.

Along with these increases in the use of technology in instruction, GUHSD has deployed a new Student Data Management System, Infinite Campus. This modern, feature-rich system is transforming the way student data is collected, maintained, utilized and reported within the district. Infinite Campus also provides for increased communication with parents and students and gives them improved access to information.

In the first month of the school year, students, teachers, administrators, and staff have been finding new and exciting ways to make use of Infinite Campus. Each day brings new discoveries, process changes, efficiencies, and ideas for making use of the system and data managed within.

GUHSD embarked on the process of acquiring and implementing a new Student Data Management System in the summer of 2013. Our former data management system was a collection of systems from different eras and vendors that were able to share data on a limited and delayed basis. Lacking was a system-wide, real-time connection between all components. Infinite Campus consolidates all functionality into a single system that can directly connect students, parents, teachers, school staff, and administrators to the same information at the same time. This interconnectedness opens the door for increased and improved communication between schools, students, and parents.

District staff and teachers were trained on Infinite Campus throughout the month of August. As school started, students were enrolled in the proper schools, students’ schedules were available, and teachers had access to the system and were able to take attendance.

Students were issued accounts and access to the Campus Portal during the first week of school. Parents are in the process of being issued accounts. Parents and students use the same tool and thus are able to see the same information. Campus Portal provides an integrated view of attendance, posted grades, assignments, transcript information and progress reports. Over the course of the school year additional functionality will be activated including updates to contact information.  Also, students will be able to request courses and confirm information for continuing enrollment. Campus Portal operates on any web browser and has a free mobile version, which is available in the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores.

By mid-school year, new students will be able to enroll using the Infinite Campus Online Registration tool.

Students are welcoming the opportunity to take a more active role in managing their education through the use of Campus tools, while at the same time making greater use of technology in their classrooms through the use of Chromebooks and Google tools.

This truly is an exciting time for the Grossmont Union High School District as we continue to prepare students for success.